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Da tenker vi å bo her enda et år. 167k members in the norge community. Et reddit på norsk for norske redditører og norske saker. Er det dumt/urettferdig eller noe i den gata at søsken må dele rom? Har to fine gutter, det er 2,5 år i mellom de. De er bestevenner, og elsker å være. Nye innlegg søk i forum. Her er det 6 år mellom mine 2 barn, og kunne aldri ha falt meg inn at de skulle dele rom.

Et reddit på norsk for norske redditører og norske saker. Er det dumt/urettferdig eller noe i den gata at søsken må dele rom? Har to fine gutter, det er 2,5 år i mellom de. De er bestevenner, og elsker å være. Nye innlegg søk i forum. Her er det 6 år mellom mine 2 barn, og kunne aldri ha falt meg inn at de skulle dele rom. Det er for stor aldersforskjell. Men min venninne som har 2 gutter, som det er 1,5 år mellom. De delte soverom helt til eldste startet på ungdomsskolen. Noen her som har to barn, men bare ett barnerom?

167k members in the norge community. Et reddit på norsk for norske redditører og norske saker. Er det dumt/urettferdig eller noe i den gata at søsken må dele rom? Har to fine gutter, det er 2,5 år i mellom de. De er bestevenner, og elsker å være. Nye innlegg søk i forum. Her er det 6 år mellom mine 2 barn, og kunne aldri ha falt meg inn at de skulle dele rom. Det er for stor aldersforskjell. Men min venninne som har 2 gutter, som det er 1,5 år mellom.

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10 gode tips til når søsken må dele rom

10 gode tips til når søsken må dele rom

Barnerom – Møbler til barn i alle aldre - IKEA

Barnerom – Møbler til barn i alle aldre - IKEA

Departementet åpner for at enslige asylbarn under 15 kan dele soverom

Departementet åpner for at enslige asylbarn under 15 kan dele soverom

Barnerom – Møbler til barn i alle aldre - IKEA

Barnerom – Møbler til barn i alle aldre - IKEA

Har du ikke plass til et eget barnerom? Lag en koselig krok hvor som

Har du ikke plass til et eget barnerom? Lag en koselig krok hvor som

Barnerom – Møbler til barn i alle aldre - IKEA

Barnerom – Møbler til barn i alle aldre - IKEA

Departementet åpner for at enslige asylbarn under 15 kan dele soverom

Departementet åpner for at enslige asylbarn under 15 kan dele soverom

Inspirasjon til barnerommet - IKEA

Inspirasjon til barnerommet - IKEA

Hvor mange soverom til barnen? - Barn og familie - Kvinneguiden Forum

Hvor mange soverom til barnen? - Barn og familie - Kvinneguiden Forum

Barnerom – Møbler til barn i alle aldre - IKEA

Barnerom – Møbler til barn i alle aldre - IKEA

Barneromsinspirasjon - Dele rom. - blogg for småbarnsforeldre | Barn

Barneromsinspirasjon - Dele rom. - blogg for småbarnsforeldre | Barn

Innredningstips til å dele soverommet med babyen din - IKEA

Innredningstips til å dele soverommet med babyen din - IKEA

Inspirasjon til barnerommet - IKEA

Inspirasjon til barnerommet - IKEA

Huset med de ni: 3 barn på ett rom.

Huset med de ni: 3 barn på ett rom.



Huset med de ni: 3 barn på ett rom.

Huset med de ni: 3 barn på ett rom.

Hvor mange soverom til barnen? - Barn og familie - Kvinneguiden Forum

Hvor mange soverom til barnen? - Barn og familie - Kvinneguiden Forum

Enkel Fornyelse - Butinox | Male soverom til barn

Enkel Fornyelse - Butinox | Male soverom til barn

Hjemme hos Tess: et soverom for hele familien - IKEA

Hjemme hos Tess: et soverom for hele familien - IKEA

Enkel Fornyelse - Butinox | Mars er lik barnerom

Enkel Fornyelse - Butinox | Mars er lik barnerom

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Barn Home in Colorado - A Dream Getaway for A Father and Son #Shorts

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Barn Home in Colorado - A Dream Getaway for A Father and Son

This Combination Barn Style House with an attached garage is located in the mountains of Colorado. The barn-style house is 3,073 square feet with a 384 square foot garage. A father and son built this dream barn-style house getaway while completely customizing the inside with their style. All of the Sand Creek Post & Beam wood barn-style house kits feature the beauty and strength of post and beam timber frame construction. Their custom-designed barn-style house kits have been used as full-time residences, wood cabin buildings, lake houses, loft apartments, secondary barn style houses, and combination use barn and modern barn. These barn style house kits are rustic yet sophisticated, with the barns being pre-manufactured, shipped as a barn kit, and built to last generations. This barn style house is located in Colorado.

This barn style house is the ultimate getaway in the perfect location. The barn style house is a combination of wood and stone to fit in beautifully with its natural surroundings. From the wooden posts and beams throughout, the stone fireplace with unique crooked stones, wooden kitchen cabinets, and stone floor this barn style house has it all. The father and son are both architects who put their custom finishes into this stunning barn style house. The father built almost every piece of furniture that is in the home.

Sand Creek Post & Beam encourages you to customize your barn kit until it’s exactly what you have envisioned. Because the barn kit customization takes time, they recommend placing your order about six months before your targeted barn style house construction start date. This allows time to create and revise your barn plans, and handcraft your kit frame and accessories. Time frames may vary depending on the overall complexity of your cabin building project and are for reference only. All of the Sand Creek Post & Beam frames are pre-assembled to ensure a perfect fit before they are disassembled for shipment. The resulting barn build is an attractive, extremely sturdy barn build that will enhance your property and provide you with several years of enjoyment. With several sizes, styles, options and accessories from which to choose, Sand Creek Post & Beam barn, big timber barn and outbuilding kits can be custom and designed to create your one-of-a-kind barn. You need only a foundation to build and the shingles that you choose to complete your barn or outbuilding.

Pre-manufacturing your barn. Sand Creek Post & Beam traditional barn kits are manufactured at their modern post and beam plant facilities in Wayne, Nebraska. The Sand Creek Post & Beam system of the building is the perfect blend of customization with pre-manufacturing. They take each customer’s one-of-a-kind custom barn style house design and pre-build the complete barn kit frame as well as handcraft each door, window, and cupola in one of their plant facilities. Every barn house kit and accessory is made following rigorous quality control standards to help ensure a superior barn kit product. Once completed, the barn frame is disassembled, and everything is packaged, then labelled and shipped to your property. You will enjoy the convenience, quality control, ease of barn style house construction, and economies of a pre-manufactured structure just like the barn kit companies of 100 years ago.

This Luxury Log House Could Be Yours! #Shorts

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This Luxury Log House Could Be Yours!

This beautiful log house by Pioneer Log Homes is for sale in Onekama, Michigan. The owners are considering offers more than USD $599,900. You are sure to be impressed with this handcrafted Western Red Cedar Log House built by Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia, the log house builders featured on the HGTV show Timber Kings. This log house is one of a kind home that offers a rustic appeal and superior log house craftsmanship. This log house is a world-class log home, that is technically flawless and beautifully crafted. This log house has been built with nature’s most majestic trees the Western Red Cedar. The log house is located just north of the Village of Onekama on a private 10-acre parcel of land. Also included with this luxury log house is a 900 square foot guest house with a fireplace, one bedroom, large kitchen and eating area. There is also a 40 foot by 72-foot pole barn to store all your toys. There is plenty of wildlife and great fishing close to the lob cabin, along with some of the best golfing Michigan has to offer within a 20-minute drive.

Pioneer Log Homes is located in British Columbia and use one of the most majestic trees in the world to build their custom log homes, the Western Red Cedar. Western Red Cedar has been revered for hundreds of years by the aboriginal peoples of the west coast for its resistance to rot and insects. Western Red Cedar used in log house builds is extremely durable even in the most severe climate conditions and is known to be an amazing insulator. All of the logs that they use in their custom log houses is harvested and selected by the Pioneer Log Homes crews in the coastal forests of British Columbia, Canada.

Pioneer Log Homes has approximately 300 loads of Western Red Cedar in their inventory at any time. Their Western Red Cedar has quality, beauty and remarkable durability that is unmatched by any of the other log species. Their seasoned Western Red Cedar logs ensure the longevity and stability of every log house structure they build. British Columbia’s wood and log house construction products are thoroughly inspected and graded to meet some of the most demanding international quality control systems.

There are more Western Red Cedar logs curing in their Pioneer yards in Williams Lake than all of the other log house builders in British Columbia combined. Their impressive log inventory ensures that they have the type of log that is needed to fit the specifications of your new custom log house. Additionally, you can personally handpick the feature logs or posts for specific areas of your new log house. Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia, stand beside their choice in seasoned fiber. They never use any green or fresh cut logs. When they are building their custom log houses, the wood quality they use has to be the best in the world. That is why they ensure that every single log they use on your new log cabin building is stunning with unmatched quality.

Comfortable One bedroom Cottage In Marshall Virginia #Shorts

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Comfortable One bedroom Cottage In Marshall Virginia

You'll want to take a closer look at this charming one-bedroom small cottage plan located in Marshall, Virginia, United States. The farm stay vacation home can accommodate up to 2 guests with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. During your vacation stay, you'll have the entire home to yourself. This tiny home is uniquely tasteful yet whimsical and is a completely renovated chicken coop. This is the perfect place to press the reset button and get some fresh air in a lovely location.

You will have access to 130 acres of fields, woods, a good size pond if you enjoy fishing, with trails to the Rappahanock River following in the footsteps of many two and four-legged before you. There are one hundred and thirty acres of fields and woods on a land easement farm, with paths to the river, and a large pond for fishing. There are chickens (and yes you can have fresh eggs) donkeys, and the owner has dogs with Davis being the self-appointed Ambassador.

Inside this cozy farm stay vacation home, you'll find plenty of inspiration for a tiny house of your own. The comfortable tiny house has a good-sized covered porch, the perfect place to sit back relax, and enjoy your morning cup of coffee or tea, and throughout the day you can look out and enjoy the lovely setting. Once inside the tiny house is nicely decorated with dark grey walls, light grey floors, and white trim throughout. There is a bit of color with the patchwork curtains, quilt, and rugs to give a comfy look and feel, perfect for the farm stay. There is a small desk with a lamp which you can use if there is any work you need to do. Throughout the cozy farm stay tiny house there are farmhouse details, such as a wooden desk, chicken wire ceiling lights, rooster pitcher, and barn door to the bathroom to name a few.

Marshall was originally known as Salem and is home to the Fauquier Heritage and Preservation Foundation. Marshall has a small-town vibe but a first-class food scene. The town has a population of just under 1,500, but thanks to its band of enthusiastic restaurateurs it has a gourmet pedigree that attracts foodies from Virginia and beyond. Marshall was known as Salem until 1881 when the town’s name was then changed to honor a native son, Supreme Court Justice John Marshall, who was born in Fauquier County in 1755.

The town is located in the Virginia Piedmont, with rolling farmlands that unspool into the forested terrain of the Blue Ridge Mountains. In addition to the great restaurants and wineries to enjoy, residents of this small town share a passion for spending time outdoors and honoring the region’s agricultural and equestrian heritage. Locals support efforts to preserve historic buildings, transforming them in innovative and sustainable ways. Visitors to the town will find that although Marshall has expanded in recent years, the businesses that remain are hyper-local, working cooperatively with area artisans, farms, vineyards, orchards, and ranches to make sure all achieve success and provide a lovely place to visit.

A Mobile Log Cabin With A Cozy Interior #Shorts

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A Mobile Log Cabin with a Cozy Interior

Living in a log home is a beautiful experience, and these log cabins from Star Log Cabins provide you with many cabins to choose from. This is a series of cabins that comes from Star Log Cabins' Classic Cabins series. With the rise in popularity of log homes and cabins, there are so many places that you can order the prefabricated log homes and cabins from and Star Log Cabins makes it easy and as affordable as possible and doesn't spare anything when it comes to quality materials and service. They have very high standards when it comes to the building materials they are supplying people with, and are always making sure that they are up to the best quality they can offer.

One of the great, practical, kits for Classic Series log cabins, can be purchased from the website and the kit includes all of the materials needed to build the cabin, with easy to follow instructions for assembly. The nice thing about log cabin kits is that they can be built yourself, with some assistance from friends or family, or you can hire on a contractor to do the work for you. If just depends how hands on you want to be. You could even do a bit of both if you wanted to do some of the work but not all of it, which would save you money as well.

There are also many different log cabin kit layouts that you can buy, with different floor plans and in different sizes. This particular cabin is their classic log cabin model, that they have been using throughout the years, and can be modified as the customer sees fit. Their customer service representatives can help you with everything you need to build the cabin you love. The log cabins can range from 16 feet to 36 feet and for the cabin shell it costs around $36,000. There is also a 16 foot by 50-foot cabin shell that sells for $56,000. There are also a range of campground cabins and a selection of Ted's Sheds which provide that perfect bit of extra storage people often need.

The log cabin kits from Star Log Cabins, are complete with all of the white pine, prefabricated logs you need to build the log cabin of your choice. They also come with a metal roof, which would last for years to come, a steel door with a window in it, two vinyl windows that are 4 by 4 and the trim for both the windows and the doors to finish things off nicely. There is a whole list of items that can be ordered separately as added on options. Usually, you have to finish the interior yourself with most of these log cabin building kits. Log homes are not only a great and sustainable home to buy, but they are also very energy efficient since the thermal mass of the logs is so great, and they are wonderful insulators. Logs make a wonderful and sustainable building material, and because they come from sustainable tree farms, the old growth forests go untouched.

A Practical and Affordable Small Log Cabin #Shorts

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A Practical and Affordable Small Log Cabin

Many people find log cabins to be incredibly peaceful and relaxing. There is something about being surrounded by all that wood that creates a feeling of being at one with nature. This lovely little Creekside log cabin by Coventry Log Homes is the perfect cozy, chalet-style recreational cabin, complete with everything you could want in a weekend retreat or even a group get-away. Coventry Log Homes has been in business for over 20 years and is managed by president Jeff Elliott, who has been involved in this family business his whole life. Not only does he live in one of his own log home creations, but he also enjoys the satisfaction of creating a wonderful log home for others and takes pride in Coventry Log Homes� promise to do everything possible to make your log home dreams come true. They also say that they only use the best materials at the best price so your log home dreams can come true easier and less expensively than you think.

Take the Creekside log cabin, for instance. Although a log cabin is typically regarded as a less finished or architecturally sophisticated structure, the Creekside log cabin is a beautiful recreational cabin with a kitchen area with room enough for weekend cooking, as well as a dining area, indoor bathroom and two separate sleeping quarters big enough to fit a queen bed and a twin bed, or set of bunk beds. Although this get-away cabin isn�t suitable for full-time residential use as it may not meet residential codes in all states, it isn�t any less sophisticated, boasting both a loft as well as a cathedral ceiling for added space.

This is a 14� x 26�, 537 square foot log cabin and can be purchased in its entirety for just $38,850 and with a few modifications to allow it to meet all building codes, could be utilized as a residential home for very little additional expense. Where else can you purchase a beautiful log cabin large enough to sleep four comfortably for that price? And if you�re a DIY fan and have some knowledge about building log homes, you can purchase all of the logs required to build this log cabin for $20,850.

One of the things most people love about Coventry Log Homes is their commitment to going green. Not only do Coventry Log Homes packages meet all current energy codes, but any of their standard packages can also meet Energy Star requirements. They also support responsible eco-friendly efforts to sustain renewable resources. But what else does �going green� mean? It means that the log cabins are made from all-natural products that don�t contain any harmful toxins. It means their logs are dried utilizing kilns which use renewable energy. It also means they pre-cut and number their logs to cut down on job site waste.

They also recycle all excess wood used in manufacturing by creating shavings for local farmers, heating their buildings with log ends and even give away wood to residents to heat their homes. Going green means a lot of things, all of which are good practices for the environment. When deciding where to purchase a log cabin, if you are in the market for one, consider choosing a log cabin like the Creekside by Coventry Log Homes. Not only is the Creekside �green,� but it�s also a stunning, slightly rustic, charming and cozy chalet you would be proud to call your very own when taking your friends and family to a peaceful weekend get-away.

Absolutely Gorgeous Corrales Casita Tiny House #Shorts

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Absolutely Gorgeous Corrales Casita Tiny House #Shorts
Price: $155 / night
Size: 2 guests1 bedroom1 bed1 bath
Location: Corrales, New Mexico, United States

About this space
This Corrales casita is minutes to town but set back in the quiet, small farm community of Corrales. We are located on the popular corrales walking acequia which you can walk/ride bikes to the farmers market, bistros, wineries, breweries, shops and the Rio Grande Bosque and river. Our 500 sqft casita has all the amenities you need with the coziness of your own modern farmhouse space. We live in the home next door and are happy to help with anything you need. No Oven/Stove due to Corrales Rules.

I hope so you will like it!
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Eco Living In The Greenmoxie Tiny House #Shorts

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Eco Living In The Greenmoxie Tiny House

Greenmoxie was originally started as a green living blog in the town of Warkworth, Ontario, Canada. In their pursuit of all things green, they thought building a sustainable tiny house building would be something they needed to explore. In September 2015 they began drawing up plans for the tiny house building. During the process, they learned a lot about building envelopes, water conservation, air quality, and renewable energy. The original intention was to build the tiny house building for the readers of the blog. However, they had so much interest in the tiny house building that they decided to build the tiny house designs for others and turn it into a business. Thus the Greenmoxie tiny eco-house was born.

The Greenmoxie sustainably built, the completely off-grid tiny house has 340 square feet of space and starts at $65,000. The eco-house is 30 feet long with a ten-ton custom built trailer platform. The tiny house building is a wood frame construction, with Norbord OSB wall, ceiling, and floor sheathing, and house wrap. The eco-building uses reclaimed modern windows with custom clerestory windows in the loft), spray foam insulation, Shou Sugi Ban (cedar siding that is charred and sealed with linseed oil), V-match pine interior and hardwood oak flooring throughout. The tiny home has reclaimed barn wood ceilings, and a corrugated black metal roof and eavestrough.

Some of the eco-building systems used include HVAC Systems, a Dickinson 9000 propane heater, Marine Stoves Little Cod wood burning stove, an Eccotemp Propane Tankless Water Heater and Lunos E2 Heat Recovery Ventilator System. The tiny house building has a Solar PV system with custom racking system, flush mounted articulated ceiling lights and LED low voltage lighting throughout. The water system is a First Flush roof water recovery system, rain barrel, ceramic water filter drinking water purifier, separate on-demand pump and accumulator, and grey water holding tank. The kitchen has an Atwood Helium propane refrigerator/freezer, and propane range. The bathroom has a Sun-Mar Excel composting toilet and custom full size stand up shower with rainfall showerhead and pan and custom reclaimed barn wood sliding bathroom door.

These are just some of the features on the Greenmoxie eco-building. This tiny house building is a good place to draw some inspiration for an eco build of your own. There are plenty of things you can do to make your home design an eco-building, and the best way to start is to do your homework and do a bit of research. The tiny house dream seems perfectly ideal and romantic. But do you think you have what it takes to go tiny? If you're nodding your head, then you might want to think about it a little more. You might want to get the best advice from people who have been living in tiny houses for at least three years, preferably longer. Although it has loads of benefits and sounds like a breeze, tiny house living might not be as easy as you first consider. The best way to realistically make your eco building and small house living dream come true is to first ask yourself a few critical questions.

Do Not Miss the Impressive Interior of This Lovely Cabin in Alaska #Shorts

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Do Not Miss the Impressive Interior of This Lovely Cabin in Alaska

You'll want to take a look inside this gorgeous tiny cabin nestled in the woods with plenty of parking and room to explore. The cozy wood cabin retreat is located in Talkeetna, Alaska, and can accommodate up to 6 guests with 2 bedrooms, 5 beds, and 1 bathroom. During your vacation stay, you can enjoy an evening fire or sip coffee out on the deck in the comfy chairs. During your vacation stay, you'll have access to the entire cabin building. Access to the wood cabin is self-check-in with a keypad.

This tiny cabin building has a 1 to 2 person infrared sauna and is located just 5 miles from downtown Talkeetna. The tiny cabin itself only sleeps up to 6 people, but you can book a large party if you have tents and RV's. The tiny cabin building is designed after the tiny house movement. The owners of the tiny house created a space they would love to visit. You can enjoy a buddy fishing trip, a romantic weekend, or utilize the outdoor space and bring along an RV, tents, family, and friends. Pets are ok upon approval, with an additional fee per pet. The wood cabin has excellent WIFI.

Once you book the tiny cabin the indoor and outdoor space will be all yours. You are only allowed to have RV/tents if you book them with your party. There is an excellent outdoor space with a custom fire-pit and plenty of space to play. You are welcome to book a large group utilizing the outdoor space, but the tiny cabin only sleeps 6. During your vacation stay, you can enjoy the small propane grill or roast hotdogs over the fire. Although the lofts have sturdy custom made railings and ladders, the owners do not feel they would be safe for infants/small children or people with limited mobility. A click-clack fold-down microfiber sleeping sofa is downstairs and a twin sizes 2-inch memory foam comfort sleeping lounger for the floor. There is a pack-in-play available upon request.

The tiny cabin is decorated in Alaskan art and photography, with hotel quality cotton sheets and towels. The kitchen is fully stocked with cooking and baking ware, and utensils. There is a coffee pot, microwave, 20-inch range, full-size dishwasher, and a dorm size refrigerator. This vacation host doesn’t allow smoking. You'll want to make sure this host's house rules work for you before you book.

5 SCARY GHOST Videos You'll NEVER Forget

5 SCARY GHOST Videos You'll NEVER Forget - This scary ghost video compilation features Scary TikTok videos, paranormal activity, and ghosts caught on camera. These videos are very creepy - but are they real or fake? You tell me.

A ghost is caught on camera inside a haunted house by the scary Japanese ghost hunter channel 4th Wall. Paranormal investigators INQUIETO TV visit an old abandoned and supposedly haunted asylum where they film a ghost caught on tape. A creepy TikTok video shows something in a woman's closet but is it real or fake? A ghost video shows the spirit trapped inside a destroyed bus. Diiego Spyckerzs shows us scary ghost footage of strange and mysterious things happening around his haunted house. A scary Japanese ghost video shows a very scary jumpscare to make you jump and scream!


Watch the scariest videos NOW:


00:00 - Intro
00:07 - 5
02:42 - 4
04:37 - 3
05:34 - 2
06:38 - 1
22:03 - bonus

Music By:

#scary #ghostvideo #caughtoncamera

Cabin for 2 People in Chamonix Valley France #Shorts

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Cabin for 2 People in Chamonix Valley, France

You'll want to take a look inside this cozy cabin building located in Les Houches, Rhone-Alpes, France. The wood cabin can accommodate up to 2 guests with one bedroom, 2 beds, and one bathroom. During your vacation sta;y you'll have the entire cabin chalet to yourself. This independent wood cabin has 323 square feet and is located just 10 minutes by car from Chamonix, with bus and train stops located 328 yards away. On the first floor of the cozy cabin, the building is a kitchen, bathroom, and a sofa bed for two people. Underneath there is a bed for two people.

The cozy cabin building has parking, towels, sheets, and pets are allowed. The wood cabin rental is located in a very quiet area, where you will be able to relax and decide on your own to leave for walks at any time of year. The rental is independent with a small patio that faces the mountains. The wood cabin is located in a quiet area with no problems. During your vacation stay it is recommended that you have a car, but there are also bus stations and trains that are not too far away. There is private parking included in the rental price.

When it comes to log cabin design you can take advantage of passive solar design tips. If you want long-term satisfaction with your wood cabin design, it is good to start with an energy-efficient log house construction. There is good reason to consider energy-efficient log cabin building construction as you plan your new log house. You will want to build your wood cabin design as energy-efficient as possible. Planning can save you time and money in the future. The best and the least expensive approach to conserving energy starts with your wood cabins design. When considering passive solar energy you'll want to think about log house orientation, openings, and overhangs.

Log house orientation. You are want to start with the right orientation of your log house design. You'll want to study your cabin building site and note where the sun rises and where the sun sets each day at your proposed log home site. You want to note any obstructions that might shade your log house during the day. In a cooler climate, you want to orient your wood cabin, so the wall with the largest number of windows which is usually the great room that faces within about 15 degrees of south. In the warmer climates, you will want to avoid direct southern sun exposure. You can also swing your log house design toward the east which will allow the house to capture more of the morning sun while blocking the sunlight through the heat of the day and the evening.

Log house overhangs. Most home designs today are built with minimal overhangs to help simplify the home construction. But overhangs are about more than just about convenience and economy. Because the angle of the sun will vary with each season, you can use log house overhangs to selectively admit sunlight during the low sun-angle winter months while then blocking the sun during the high-angle summer months.

Once You Visit This Log Cabin You Might Want to Move In #Shorts

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Once You Visit This Log Cabin You Might Want to Move In

Have a look at the Starwood West Cabin, a contemporary one bedroom log home that has breathtaking mountain views of the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. The Starwood is a unique and cozy log home that has everything you need for the vacation of a lifetime. This log cabin is built on a mountainside lot, designed by Finland's Honka Log Homes Company, with all the logs, doors and windows shipped to Charleston, South Carolina, then trucked to the Smokey Mountains for assembly.

This fully equipped log home has everything you need for a comfortable vacation stay. The log cabin fit perfectly into its natural surroundings, with unobstructed views of the stunning Smokey Mountains. This log home sleeps two to four people. There are lots of amenities in this log home to include a king-sized bed, sleeper sofa, large sunken outdoor hot tub, and large sunken indoor whirlpool tub. The log home also has rockers, a spa shower, and a gas grill. Inside there are two flat screen televisions with DVD players and a washer/dryer. This log home also has high speed and wireless internet access.

You can find the Starwood log home on the Hidden Mountain Resort site. Hidden Mountain West is just five miles from the Parkway, which is your connection between Sevierville, Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg. This is a great location to vacation in, close to activities like Dollywood, Dolly’s Splash Country, Titanic, WonderWorks, Dixie Stampede, Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Feud, Ober Gatlinburg and lots of outlet mall shopping and restaurants. On the Hidden Mountain Resort site, you will find a wide variety of log home and log cabin vacation rentals in the Smoky Mountains area. They have over 34 years of experience in providing log home vacation rentals in this location. Most of their business comes from repeat guests and referrals, offering beautiful places to stay that offer memory to last a lifetime. They have an on-site office property management and maintenance seven days a week, so guests can feel secure and safe knowing that they are there to help when needed.

Hidden Mountain Resort offers two convenient and separate locations. There is Hidden Mountain East that is located just past the Apple Barn and Cider Mill just one mile from the Parkway at the entrance to Pigeon Forge. Hidden Mountain East is a gated community that has a mixture of manicured grounds and natural wooded areas that boasts one to 14 bedroom log cabins and two to three bedroom mountaintop log villas. Then adjacent to Hidden Mountain East is their Old Homeplace Community that is nestled with one to five bedroom farmhouse log cottages. Also, at the East location is the Great Smokies most original and exclusive Class A Motorcoach Park, The Dell.

Their West location, is located 5 miles off the Parkway and just ten minutes from the East location. Hidden Mountain Resort West offers one to five bedroom log cabins in a more natural and secluded setting. You will want to note that most of their log home properties now feature park style charcoal grills. They are in the process of switching from gas to charcoal. On the Hidden Mountain Resort site, you will find a wide variety of log cabin, or log vacation home rentals to suit any need. Whether you are in need of a log cabin for a honeymoon, or a romantic getaway, or need a log home or log villa for a family reunion, you are sure to find it here.

20 IKEA home makeover ideas

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20. Makeup Station ►0:43

19. Extend the Home Outsid ► 1:10

18. Room Dividing Wardrobe ► 01:46

17. Balcony: Chill Time! ► 02:07

16. Let’s gardening in the rooftop ► 02:38

15. Indoor Gardening ► 03:11

14. The Bathroom ► 03:48
BRICKAN,Mirror with storage unit, white

13. Outdoor Kitchen ► 04:21
Update: IKEA’s Satsumas Plant Stand is $44.99

12. Indoor Kitchen ► 04:51

11. Dining Room ► 05:29

10. Space-Saving Dining Table► 05:50

9. Outdoor Living Room ► 06:09

8. Living room and Bedroom Combination ► 06:41

7. Living Room ► 07:26

6. Teenager Bedroom ► 07:57

5. IKEA furniture at Bedroom ► 08:23

4. Children’s Bedroom ► 08:56

3. Work Room ► 09:30

2. Family Room ► 09:58

1. Have a Room for Yourself ► 10:26
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Build a Log Cabin with the Adventurer Log Home Kit #Shorts

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Build a Log Cabin with the Adventurer Log Home Kit

The Adventurer log home kit makes it easy to build a log cabin on your own. This cabin building is one of the larger log cabins in the Tradesman series of log cabins on the Coventry Log Homes website. The total square footage is 840 square feet with one bedroom and one bathroom with an upstairs loft that overlooks the main living area in the log cabin. The Tradesman series of log models feature small log cabins that are perfect for that cabin at the lake or out in the forest to visit occasionally. They are the simple and small log cabins that provide just enough space for a family to enjoy some quality time away from the city. Building a log cabin can be a great way to provide your family with a fun and enjoyable place to use throughout the years and even pass on to the children to use with their children.

While there are other small log cabins in Coventry Log Homes' collections, it would be nice to have a larger one like the Adventurer, with the large back deck and the extra storage space provided by the overhang of the deck. This offers a great place to store wood to keep it dry when using it to heat the interior of the home. The shell is only the exterior of the log home, and then all of the walls and fixtures need to be added to the log house as well, which adds a bit more money to the equation. Most people want to know how much a turn-key log home will cost. Turn Key means that the house is ready to move into, and to use right away without having to add anything else besides furniture and your personal decorative touches.

If you want to build a log cabin, it's good to think about the prices and your budget, as well as other aspects of building such as paving an access road to enter and exit the premises of the building site. Sometimes roads can be expensive to put in, and add extra costs that the customers don't usually think of. The best time to pave a road is when the ground isn't too wet, but it isn't too dry either, it is best to work on paving the roads in the drier sunny weather than in the rain, because the dirt will not pack down as well when its all wet than when it is a bit drier. Then landscaping also needs to be considered once building a log cabin is completed. Grass may need to be re-seeded, and native plants may be implemented as well as stones and rocks to make it fit into its natural surroundings.

Coventry log homes have such a great variety of log homes to choose from in their collection. In addition to small log cabins, they feature log home models for luxury log homes and timber frame homes as well. The timber frame homes from their collection include building with structural insulated panels that are pre-made beforehand and post and beam construction. All of their logs are handcrafted, and they use only the highest quality of wood in their log home building projects. Cedarwood is also an option that is available for every log home package they offer for an additional cost. Cedar is one of the best types of wood to build homes out of because of its high resistance to mold and mildews and to insects as well.

Всего Одна Маленькая Деталь Помогла Раскрыть Дело

События,о которых пойдет речь в этом видео,берут свое начало в 2014 году.34-летняя Кристина Энн Томпсон-Харрис была найдена в собственной спальне без признаков жизни. Эксперт заключил,что смерть женщины была случайной,но с таким выводом не согласились родные Кристины и настояли на более тщательном расследовании.

Лицензия Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 на использование трека Metaphysik (исполнитель: Kevin MacLeod):



#расследованиепреступлений #делораскрыто #трукраймер

A Peaceful Tiny House With a Very Interesting Design #Shorts

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A Peaceful Tiny House With a Very Interesting Design

Every detail of this tiny house is perfect, from its wooden floors to its front covered patio and surrounding scenery, this tiny house makes small house living look good. Small house living is not to be mistaken for giving up everything to live a poor lifestyle; it is quite the opposite. Small house living allows a person to live within their means and create a life of freedom and passion. When people don't have to be paying so much money into a mortgage, there is so much freedom that they are given in return. The small house philosophy is for people to focus more on living their life with passion and ease, to live a life full of the things that they want to spend their time doing.

Like many people who decide to go small, the owner needed a home of her own that wouldn't cost her too much. Architect Henry Yorke Mann devised 300 square foot home for the owner within her budget of $28,000. The house was designed into a cross shape, which creates space for all the essential areas of the home. There is one area for the kitchen, a seating room, entrance and closets. In the house, there is also a sleeping loft, which is accessible by a ladder. There is also a cool 100 square foot cellar. As you will see, there is plenty of room in the kitchen, as well as the bathroom, which has a full-sized porcelain bathtub, which is a must-have for many people.

They implemented a great skylight in the ceiling, which allows natural light to stream in, and the ceilings are also nice and high, giving the illusion of more space. The shelves that have been installed give her tones of space to store things, including her large beautiful handwoven baskets. Storage is key in smaller homes. You want to be able to have a place for everything and to be able to use every square inch of the floor plan to your advantage. The floors were done with a drying oil, and no stain, which enhances their natural beauty without any chemicals. The wood used in the home was mostly pine since it is an affordable choice, but it is also very strong and durable.

The home is very energy efficient, and can be heated with her propane fireplace; the insulation plays a key role in this. The outdoor area of the tiny home is so beautiful too and gives the owner another place to lounge and enjoy. Growing a family fruit and veggie garden is also a great way to save money, and give you and your family are eating fresh organic produce. It is truly amazing to see the different kinds of houses that people build and live in. It is like getting a peek into these people's lives. It just shows us that it's possible to live a life of comfort and contentment without having to spend a fortune on a huge mansion and all of the things to fill it up. Simplicity is a beautiful thing. You may even be inspired to build or live in a tiny home yourself. With all of the freedom you can gain, you will never feel like you are giving anything up at all.

Russian Family's Mansion Left Abandoned - Found Strange Bust

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The art the silence...
Thousands of books are gathering dust in the attic of this abandoned house.
A massive stone bust of Joseph Stalin is still on display in the upstairs wooden stairwell.
And even, the pictures of their children and coloring pictures they once made still roam around the home. And the dishes are still on the counter and in the sink, waiting forever to be washed and cleaned up. This house is a true time capsule.

Let me take you into the story of an architect of Russian origin, who immigrated to rural France in his middle age, together with his wife and two children, and designed this house all by himself for his dearest family.
Some day, the family disappeared without a trace, and the door has remained unopened for years since, leaving their former dwelling stagnant in the time ever since, giving Mother Nature the chance to gradually reclaim what was once hers.

Today I'll give you a new glance in yesteryear, as we're delving ourselves into the aftermath of a Russian family's life that was previously existent in this home.

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Abandoned France: Russian Family's Mansion Left Abandoned - Found Joseph Stalin's Bust
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Meeting Himba Tribe Women - Motorcycle Ride Through Northern Namibia - EP. 121

I was waiting for this moment for a long time. When I finally reached Epupa Falls, I got to visit the Himba tribe in their village. Himbas are still preserving their unique cultural identity and this video shows their daily routines and traditional lifestyle.

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In April 2017 I left Australia for a solo trip around the world on a BMW F800GS. I named it “Are We There Yet” because I don't know my final destination or the duration of this journey.

Throughout my journey, I was raising money for a young disabled child in Poland named Franek. Franek was diagnosed with cerebral palsy (weakness of the entire right side of the body) and he will require constant rehabilitation for the rest of his life. All the money raised will go directly to helping Franek and his family so he can lead a normal life as best as possible, so please donate generously:


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Quick indoor tent toddler crafts

Quick in door tent for play time or sleep overs. You just need a blanket and thumb tacks

33 Home improvement ideas for small space

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1st Home improvement idea: Create storage out of load-bearing elements and let those pesky walls go.

2.Do a whole room in white.

3.Build a bookshelf door.

4.Sabrina Soto on Small Space Living Solutions
License: Remix Allowed

5.Discover unexpected storage.

6.Keep lines and materials simple.

7. On the flipside, you can embrace the quaint.

8. How to to produce a high-yield garden in small space in 12 months
License: Remix Allowed

9. Month 2: Gardening on a small space
License: Remix Allowed
10. Repurpose the closet.

11.Use open storage to draw the eye upward.

12.Create the illusion of vertical space by selecting low-sitting furniture.

13. remove the clutter

14.Less Is More, make a focail point

15.Utilize retractable pantry drawers for small appliances.

16.Dark or Light, But In Between

17.Show Some furniture Legs

18.Double Duty furniture
and video from Yatno

19.Decorate with light.

20. Curtains can also step in where privacy is needed.
21.Use room dividers in place of walls.

22.Put a shelf on it.

23.Pick your favorite room in the house and go big.

24.Get creative with mirrors.
extra link

25.Use glass walls to separate spaces without visually dividing a room.

26.Replace doors with sliding walls to let your space breathe.

27. Add a loft over your kitchen.

28. Actually, add a loft anywhere.

29. Keep your window-to-wall ratio high.

30. Use semi-opaque materials to allow light into windowless rooms.

31.Create outdoor living space to add the feeling of square footage without the cost.

32.Shotgun Houses & The Tiny Simple House

33.Opt for fewer walls, more multipurpose rooms.

Intro: DIY home decor tip video
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Music: Julian Avila - The City
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Soveromsdesigninspirasjon for hjemmet ditt - Soverom Inspirasjon

Dele Soverom Barn, Barn Home in Colorado - A Dream Getaway for A Father and Son #Shorts, 1.3 MB, 00:57, 1,276, Hygge Houze, 2021-07-06T10:00:07.000000Z, 19, 10 gode tips til når søsken må dele rom,, 500 x 334, jpeg, Når søsken deler leker, kjærlighet, oppmerksomhet og rom må foreldrene regne med litt knuffing i sakkosekken og dueller over lekekassa. Men ifølge en studie fra oxford university har barn som jevnlig plages av søsken dobbelt så høy risiko for å utvikle angst, depresjon og selvskading. Det kan også sette dype spor i søskenforholdet. Vi bor i en tomannsbolig med to soverom. , 20, dele-soverom-barn, Soverom Inspirasjon

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